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Consulting Rating Services +

To assist small, medium, and large Travel Companies who may not have an in-house HR Department or whose HR Department does not have the time to devote to the minutia of forms, letters, handbooks, etc., such as those listed below. We work as an extension of your current HR Department or as an ad-hoc HR Department.

5 Point Must System

All Packages are Rated:

5 = Excellent
4 = Superior
3 = Fair
2 = Poor
1 = Beneath Poor

If any Rating Numbers are between 1-3, we strongly advise your Document(s) be rewritten.

Package 1.

We review all Offering Letters, Contract Drafts, and Final Contract Offers of Employment.

Our Fee for rewriting documents is $1,000.00 each or $2,500.00 for all 3. We are not attorneys, we are professional Search Consultants with over 100 years of combined talent and expertise in Career Development, Candidate Advocacy, and Human Resources. We suggest you always bring our finished product to your attorneys for their expertise in your state regulations as well as any legal terminology which may be required.

For the additional Fee of $550.00 we will explain our reasons to your attorney and work with him/her to the completion of the document. This offering segment is valid only within a maximum of 3 months from the time we submit our Final report to you, our Client.

Package 2.

We review your current Employee Handbook and Rate it. If it falls into Categories 1-3 we will revise it for $2,550.00.

Package 3.

We review your current Systems and Procedures Handbook and Rate it. If it falls into Categories 1-3, we will revise it for $3,500.00.

Package 4.

We review Internal Memos to your Staff concerning Changes in Benefits for the Company and Rate them. If they fall into Categories 1-3 we will revise them for $250.00 each.

Package 5.

We review your Annual Meeting Agenda of Company Activities for Employees Only, or for Employees with Spouses, Significant Others, Partners, Friends, and/or Relatives. If it falls into Categories1-3 we will Create a New Venue, for $350.00. We will furnish you with a complete *Special Events venue, Fee to be determined. On-Site Coordination available at additional costs TBD.

(Please note above fees are applicable to companies with less that 50 employees, additional employees, see Chart)

Custom Packages can be created to address your specific needs.

If these 5 Packages are of interest to you and your company, but you have the need for additional professional services, please ask us about The King Asset.

1-888-697-7899 or email us at Ratings@pjasonkingassociates.com
and PLEASE Put the word "RATINGS' in Subject Line.

All Fees are paid via Bank Wire Transfers in US Dollars. P. Jason King Associates, Inc. has the right to refuse conducting evaluations with any company it chooses without assigning a reason thereto. Prices/Fees subject to change without notice.


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