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A few Completed Consulting Projects…

• Recently contracted with a global tour operation that was entering the USA with their first US office location. We recommended various low-cost office space opportunities along with new operating procedures for their internal operations as well as external sales and marketing teams.

• A creative client of ours utilizes us as his "ear" concerning new ideas which include opening new locations, developing new product lines, and marketing concepts. For a small monthly retainer, client receives a concise "do or don't" from us based on other experiences, research in the field and our expertise. Client has admitted that we have saved him hundreds of thousands of dollars in last 2 years.

• Through a new program called "REVIEW & RECOMMENDS", we analyze current websites and work along side client's web development people to insure that all links and presentation components are at the highest levels. We have completed over 40 of these type projects successfully.

• Developed a two-tier incentive program for all employees in a mid-sized TMC.

• As a liaison worked with a client to source viable "Angels", for investments up to $1Million USD. Succeeded with assignment in less than 30 days.

• Helped several new start-ups realize their dream by providing our FREE CONSULTATION services to insure that their business plan had merit and that they would be covering all business aspects.

• Took a national trade show company from $600,000 in the red to $1,000,000 in the black in one year.

• Brokered a large east coast travel chain to a billion dollar Mega Travel Management Company that needed exposure on the east coast.

• Single handedly crushed attempts of a large travel industry staff to walk out and form a union, in only 4 hours of one day.

• Created and implemented marketing, advertising, and promotion plans, where none previously existed, garnishing tremendous media exposure, new and improved business, new niche markets, and tremendous savings in advertising costs by re-negotiating all contracts.

• Evaluated and reorganized many major travel companies within time periods as short as 2 weeks.

• Created a program for minority college level students to teach them different aspects of the travel industry. Negotiated and received federal funding (CETA) for the program. Placed 100% of all participants within the travel industry, many of whom are still with same employer, now over 20 years later. Wrote course material, directed Trainer and Coordinator.

• Developed and implemented an entire new Tour Product for an overseas conglomerate, to include: all marketing, advertising, promotions, public relations, and sweepstakes. Although contracted to accomplish project in 90 days, completed assignment in full in 46 days.

• Created and marketed a new concept in Travel Industry Shows, a Consumer & Travel Trade Show. Responsible for Budgets and all Negotiations with all vendors/suppliers, to include: entertainment, carpeting, parking facilities, decorations, animal handlers, accommodations, air transportation, catering, phone company for major automation installations, car rentals, insurance providers, security, etc. Developed advertising campaigns which were launched in TV Guide Super Bowl Issue, cable TV, WCBS Radio, portable Billboard Advertising, and Sky Writing. Negotiated over $1 Million in complimentary Travel Give-A-Ways per day (2 day show). Arranged for the Director of Tourism NJ, The Mayor of Secaucus, Ms. New Jersey, members of the clergy, over 100 reporters and members of the press. Had 50,000 people pre-registered. Negotiated and contracted with over 70 Hotels. Had over 360 Exhibitors set-up including full motorcoach, recreational vehicles, hospitality suites, and much more on the floor. Created 70 Seminars and invited all Guest Speakers. (Much more information on request)

• Researched and created an entire Hotel Operations Manual for an International Hotel Chain.

• Developed a niche Adventure Tour Company’s web site; which, within its first 3 months, won several awards for its content, graphics, photographs, and ease of operation.

• For a 2 year old Tour Company which had a great concept, but whose principals knew nothing about the travel industry, we re-created and enhanced all their itineraries; created some print materials for public relations; directed their web designer to eliminate, change, and/or add certain aspects on the web; developed a new commission plan for small and large groups; created an Incentive program; provided new uniform sources; and negotiated with a major consortia for an exclusive contract.

• Developed, from scratch, a Nationwide Seminars Group to be utilized at major trade shows and events. This included well known Travel Industry personalities and icons within the Tour, Cruise, Hotel, Car Rental, and Airline Industries.

• Researched, wrote, and published Employee Handbooks and Policy & Procedure Manuals for Travel Companies and related firms.

• Developed Recruitment Workshops for Owners/Managers and Candidates. Presented these formats throughout the USA to Travel Organizations/Associations, Universities/Colleges, and privately held conferences and conventions. (See Testimonials)

• Created a new and exciting three tier Incentive Program for a major Transportation Company, for all sales executives within North America.

• Reorganized a major Pacific Coast International Tour Company in 2 days. This included interviewing and rating all staff members, creating a new organizational chart, developing a benefit program for the President, and making recommendations, in writing, for future trends.

• Developed a new regional, then national, Sales Force on straight commission for blitz selling. Taught other companies our technique to handle the same program on their own.